Hear from Success Sphere members

I am incredibly grateful for the Career Exploration Workshop offered by Success Sphere. It provided me with valuable insights and strategies to navigate the job market in Canada. Through the workshop, I gained a clearer understanding of my career goals and learned how to effectively showcase my skills and experiences. As a result, I secured a job offer from a leading organization in my field, and I am confident that the knowledge I gained will continue to benefit me throughout my professional journey. Thank you, Success Sphere, for empowering me to succeed!

The mentorship program provided by Success Sphere has been a game-changer for me. My mentor not only offered guidance and support but also helped me discover a funding opportunity for my master’s program. With their advice and encouragement, I successfully secured the funding, which significantly alleviated my financial concerns. Their invaluable insights and network connections have opened doors for me, and I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship provided by Success Sphere. It has truly been a life-changing experience!

The networking opportunities facilitated by Success Sphere have been instrumental in my career growth. Through their events and connections, I was able to secure an internship with a prestigious research centre in Vancouver. The experience not only provided valuable hands-on learning but also led to a job offer in the same organization. The mentorship and support from Success Sphere gave me the confidence and skills to excel in my internship and secure a fulfilling job in my field. I am forever grateful for the opportunities provided by Success Sphere and the support of my mentor.

I cannot thank Success Sphere enough for their Career Exploration Workshop. It was a turning point in my professional journey. With the valuable tools and insights gained from the workshop, I received multiple interview offers and successfully landed three job offers within two months after graduation. The workshop not only helped me identify the best-fit opportunities but also equipped me with the skills to negotiate my salary. Thanks to Success Sphere, I confidently negotiated and accepted the offer that aligned perfectly with my goals and aspirations. I am grateful for the guidance and support that enabled me to make informed decisions and secure a rewarding career path.

The Financial Literacy Workshop provided by Success Sphere has been a transformative experience for me, especially during the early days of my arrival in Canada. The workshop equipped me with essential knowledge and skills to navigate the Canadian financial landscape with confidence, including valuable insights on taxes and credit building. I learned about the Canadian tax system, understanding my tax obligations as an international student, and how to file my taxes accurately and efficiently. On building my credit, I learned the importance of establishing and maintaining a healthy credit history. Armed with practical strategies and insights, I confidently navigated the process of obtaining my first credit card, understanding credit scores, and managing credit responsibly. As a result, I successfully built my credit from scratch and unlocked new opportunities, such as obtaining favorable interest rates and gaining access to financial products and services. Thanks to Success Sphere, I now have a solid foundation in financial literacy and credit management, which will benefit me for years to come. I am grateful for the support and guidance that have empowered me to take control of my financial well-being and pave the way for a brighter financial future.