Financial Literacy

This workshop educates international students on managing personal finances, understanding banking systems, budgeting, and accessing financial resources in Canada. It helps students develop responsible financial habits and make informed decisions about their financial well-being.

Wellness and Self-Care

This workshop addresses the importance of maintaining physical and mental well-being during the transition period. Students learn about available health services, stress management techniques, maintaining work-life balance, and accessing support systems.

Intercultural Communication

This workshop explores effective communication strategies in multicultural environments. Students learn how to navigate cultural differences, handle cross-cultural misunderstandings, and develop skills for successful intercultural interactions both inside and outside the classroom.

Academic Excellence

This workshop familiarizes international students with the Canadian education system, academic expectations, and classroom dynamics. It provides guidance on effective study techniques, time management, academic integrity, and utilizing university resources. This workshop will provide you with the tools and strategies to excel in your coursework and make the most of your educational experience

Cultural Adaptation 101

This workshop provides essential insights and strategies for navigating Canadian culture, customs, and social norms. It covers topics such as greetings, communication styles, cultural sensitivities, and building relationships in a new cultural context.